SOP Development, Training
& VTCB Certificate

Training orientation. Training on VTOS (Vietnam Tourism Occupational Standards) and awarding certificate by VTCB (Vietnam Tourism Certification Board)

Invesment Consultancy
& Hotel Management

Investment consultancy, inspect, analyze the feasible before carrying out project. This is to help investor to make a good decision or any adjustment on investment.


Partner for Sustainable Development

ASIA ADVANCED TOURISM MANAGEMENT COMPANY (ATM ASIA) has been starting since 2006. ATM ASIA provides professional hotel and hotel management consultancy and hotel management services with 3-5 star, design and implementation of "measurable" training according to VTOS, constructive SOP and KPI for the list of location functions in the field. ATM ASIA has implemented many projects in Vietnam.

For any inquiry please contact:
Tran Xuan Moi (Mr.)/Senior consultant/Director - Mob: +84 988 558 727; Email:
Saw Wisdom (Mr.)/Representative in Myanmar - Mob: +95 942 112 9735; E-mail:

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Partner for Sustainable Development
LACASA SAPA Recruitment
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LACASA SAPA Recruitment
LACASA SAPA Recruitment
Đào tạo, tập huấn nhân lực phục vụ APEC
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Đào tạo, tập huấn nhân lực phục vụ APEC
Theo Phó GĐ Sở Du lịch Nguyễn Xuân Bình, nhằm nâng cao chất lượng nguồn nhân lực du lịch thành phố, đồng thời từng ...
VTOS - Đào tạo nghề
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VTOS - Đào tạo nghề